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I have never been an avid fan of horror movies. Never have been.

After viewing the trailer for A Quiet Place however, I just knew that this is a horror movie I had to watch, and especially in the cinema. John Krasinki’s first try out with the horror genre turned out to be an absolute mind-blowing viewing experience unlike other.

Director and actor John Krasinki stars as survivalist Lee Abbott with pregnant wife Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt). They have a deaf daughter Regan Abbott, played by Millicent Simmonds who is deaf in real life as well. Marcus Abbott (Noah Jupe) is the eldest son in the family.

The film sets its pacing right from start, and you know you are up for a scary thrill. The movie focuses on the Abbott family life,  set in a post-apocalyptic world where creating any sort of sound could lead to alien-like creatures with ultra-sensory ears hunting and killing you.

Within the first ten minutes of the film, we are shown in brutal fashion the consequences of making any sound. In a world where making the slightest sound leads to certain death, Evelyn’s pregnancy just adds further tension and drama, being an obvious recipe for disaster that’s to come.

Silence is a key feature in the film, which suffuses through to the audience’s senses. Never has there been a screening more tranquil, where every slight munch of popcorn is discernible. It is clear that everyone recognises to not create needless sounds as to accommodate the growing silent tension in the movie.

The actress whom I recognized from the movie Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt, delivered her role as a pregnant mother immaculately. Give an award to her as the Most Talented Pregnant Woman already, as her acting was absolutely sizzling. She only needed one take to film an incredibly chilling bathtub scene in the movie.

The movie comes with its generic horror movie tropes in numerous jump-scares, but it never feels superfluous. Rather, the tension steadily accumulates as the movie progresses to its final act. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and your heart pounding.

Aliens have invaded Earth, but it’s not the aliens that feature as the prominent subjects in the movie. The movies themes revolve  around loss, acceptance, and family love.

The narrative and storytelling of the movie is out of the ordinary; being told in sign language for most parts of the film. One would not feel that spoken dialogue is ever essential for this movie. Rather, the movie provides context for viewers through written messages. Newspaper headlines with ‘ It’s sound!’ , ‘ Go Underground’  gives the audience a sense of what is happening in their world.

While the movie is solid on most fronts, the ending of movie could have been better as it concluded a tad abruptly.

Utterly suspenseful and thrilling, A Quiet Place is definitely a movie you have to watch in a crowded cinema, even if you aren’t a fan of the horror genre.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing along your usual complementary food and snacks into the cinema though.


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