Students have been left confused after official DITSU stickers appeared on ‘Vote No’ posters ahead of last week’s plebiscite on the 8th Amendment.

The plebiscite gave students the opportunity to vote on whether or not DITSU should continue their stance on supporting the repealing of the 8th Amendment.

It passed with students voting to maintain the union’s pro-repeal position.

A ‘Yes’ vote saw the union continue its support for repeal while a ‘No’ vote would have seen the stance changed to neutral.

Ahead of the vote, the union’s stance on abortion was to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, and the union was meant to campaign as such.

Official Union stickers appeared on ‘Vote No’ posters which popped-up around Aungier Street, Kevin Street and Bolton Street on Tuesday.

The stamps in question are normally authorised before use.

The official sticker is usually used to ensure that posters are not taken down.

A Union source told The Edition: “DITSU’s policy ahead of the plebiscite was to remain pro-choice.

“These posters appeared out of nowhere with official DITSU stickers.

“They were put up on Tuesday and nobody knows where they came from.

“There’s a lot of confusion within DITSU about it. Nobody is sure who authorised them.”

Another source added: “They appeared around Aungier Street, Kevin Street and Bolton Street last Tuesday.

“Due to the lack of logo on these posters except for the DITSU stickers, some people thought that these were official DITSU posters and the fear was that students would vote no because they think it’s the union’s stance. It’s not.”

Katie McNamee, Chairperson of DIT’s Feminist Society, said: “It’s important to respect a student body decision and if people feel like it’s pointless, they’ll be discouraged and won’t vote.

“It’s taken as a given that when DIT reaches a stance on a certain topic that they maintain that stance.”

DITSU did not respond when contacted by The Edition for a comment.

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