By Lea Pelard


Traveling to Berlin a few days ago, I couldn’t possibly leave the city without going to the Gianni Versace Retrospective, running at the Crown Prince’s Palace in the German capital.

2018 represents the perfect year to hold an exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the designer’s death, as well as the 40 years of the brand’s existence.

Gianni Versace was one of the world’s best fashion designers before his death in July 1997. Even though he was tragically murdered, the spirit of the legendary Versace remains and his fashion empire continues to rule the industry.

Versace created colorful, wearable Pop-Art and invented the supermodel era, unisex fashion and even the idea of personalities as a brand for themselves.

It is no accident that Berlin hosts the Versace Retrospective. The designer’s first exhibition was held in Berlin in 1994. Versace fell in love with the city and was planning to come back. Unfortunately, he was murdered three years later which made his dream impossible. Running the exhibition in Berlin, which isn’t the most obvious fashion city, is a true homage to Versace’s love for the capital.

Spectacular is the word that best describes the Gianni Versace Retrospective. This outstanding project is made possible thanks to the cooperation of passionate worldwide collectors.

Private collectors from Brazil, Italy, Greece and the United-States agreed to make their unique pieces available for the exhibition, allowing spectators to admire incredible and authentic Versace collections. More than 100 outfits and accessories created by Gianni Versace are showcased. You can easily understand how amazed and impressed I was, as a true fashion lover.

Close relatives of Versace took part in the project, along with some of his famous companions, muses and fans.

The retrospective gathers key pieces of Versace’s collections from the 1980’s to 1997, the year of his death. I loved the way the exhibition was structured, as each room represented a different universe and symbolic. A wide range of styles were showcased, from ancient greek motives to pop-art.

Among them are unique creations made specially for famous personalities such as Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Prince.

In addition to fashion pieces, Versace accessories and interior design are also displayed. Each part of the collection is luxurious, hand-crafted and immerse you into the glamorous universe of the brand.


Looking at those authentic and exceptional pieces made me think about how talented this man was, and how tragic his fate turned out to be. Versace totally reinvented the codes and created a unique and innovative vision of fashion. He was the first to fill the front rows of fashion shows with stars and personal friends rather than inviting rich socialites.


Versace was different, and difference scared buyers at first, who didn’t always believe his lines would sell. But look how it turned out. Versace was designing clothes for the most famous worldwide personalities, from Madonna to Lady Diana.

The Gianni Versace Retrospective runs until the 13th of April, which gives fashion lovers time to book a flight to Berlin and admire some stunning Versace pieces. It is an amazing opportunity for those, like me, who never had a chance to attend to a fashion show and dream to admire luxury collections for real.

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