DITSU and Oifig na Gaeilge have come to an agreement to better promote the use of Irish in the college.

The two organisations signed a mandate of understanding last month which will see them look into a number of different ways on how to promote the use of Gaeilge.

These ideas include bringing out an Irish version of DITSU publications and the possibility of introducing an Irish Language Officer for students.

DITSU President Boni Odoemene told The Edition: “It was one of our mandates for a couple of years ago which was to agree on a memorandum of understanding between ourselves and Oifig na Gaeilge here in DIT.

“I kicked this off halfway through my term last year and there was a lot of back and forth and a few things that stalled the completion of it, but coming into this year I wanted to get it all done and dusted.

“We signed the memorandum of understanding to see if DITSU can work closer and better with Oifig na Gaeilge to make DIT more Gaeilge-friendly for its students.

“The memorandum has things in it, for example, like looking into DITSU publications coming out in English and Irish and looking into the possibilities of an Irish Officer or Irish Student Representative. It covers things like that.

“We are going to be working closely with the Irish office to see what more can be done for DIT students.”

Gráinne Ní Bhreithiún from Oifig na Gaeilge said: “We here in Oifig na Gaeilge DIT are absolutely delighted that this Memo of Understanding has been signed with DITSU on Monday the 23rd of January, recognising that the Irish language plays a significant role in the lives and studies of many students in DIT.

“We met with DITSU President Boni Odoemene early on his tenure, and his enthusiasm and dedication in achieving this really important development was evident and we thank him and all of the DITSU team for their commitment in formalising the supports that DITSU will give in ensuring that the use of the Irish language is continuously welcomed, promoted and normalised in DIT.”

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