By Dan Grennan

A number of DIT students are starting to question if the new Grangegorman is real because of endless delays.

Students have been promised a move to the new campus as early as 2014, four years later and only a small number of students are based on the property which has been referred to as “more mythical Middle Earth.”

The latest deadline for the big move is 2022 but some students doubt it will ever happen.

“I don’t know boii. They have been promising us the new campus as long as I’ve been in DIT. I am starting to think the whole thing is a big rouse. I get that it is a big project to move all of DIT but jaysus lad, you’d think they’d pull the finger out and get it done,” said Kev, a renowned ‘mad dog’ and construction management student in DIT’s Bolton Street.

“I heard it’s a big ploy by Leo Varadkar and the bois to get all the students out of the city centre so they can build a load of quirky sock factories to keep up with Leo’s big demand,” Kevin went on to say.

“I heard they moved the photography students up to Grangegorman but I’ve never met a photography student. Neither have any of my mates. It seems like the it’s a big distraction so they can let all the campuses go to shite and use Grangegorman as an excuse to stop spending cash on facilities,” Kevin also said.

The Grangegorman site is located North of Stoney Batter and is on the new Luas line.

“When I started in DIT three years ago they said I would graduate in the new campus in Grangegorman. I graduate next year and I don’t think many students will be in Grangegorman by then. The new Luas line was finished before the move and that seemed like an eternity,” said nutrition student Lisa.

“I don’t see why anyone would want to move up to Grangegorman. I am in DIT Aungier Street and can’t see why anyone would want to sacrifice the centre of town for Grangegorman. I don’t even know where it is and I am a bit too embarrassed to ask now,” Lisa went on to say.

“Now they are planning on introducing a levy to build a student centre but the whole thing seems almost made up to me. I think it’s just another way to squeeze more money out of the student population,” Lisa added.

“The whole Grangegorman campus seems a bit like Big Foot to me. There are a load of people who say they’ve seen it but I’ve yet to see concrete evidence that it exists,” said Kev ‘mad dog’.

“It has a ring of area 51 to it man. I think DIT are holding all of Dublin’s aliens up there and if ya ask any questions some fella in a suits comes around a blanks your memory like that film,” Kev added.


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