By Conor Sheilds

Grab your VR Headsets and put on your best vinyl jumpsuit because Shurikon 2018 is only around the corner!

Hosted by DIT’s Game Society and Japanimation Society, the annual game/anime/cosplay convention will be held in Griffith College on Saturday, February 10 and will feature a wide variety of gaming, tech and anime stands and workshops.

Both societies have drafted in some special guests on the day including popular YouTuber, CDawgVA, professional cosplayer, LUX Cosplay.

Cosplay is best described as the practice of dressing up as a character from a video game, film, TV show or comic book. Although costumes can be bought through retailers or online, the majority of cosplay enthusiasts prefer to make their own costumes from scratch using craft materials.

This is the second year the event has taken place, with 2017’s convention proving to be a stellar success and a hit with gaming and anime enthusiasts across the country.

According to their event pages, Shurikon is described as a “celebration of nerd culture with events ranging from gaming tournaments and VR, to cosplay competitions to photoshoots.”

Speaking to The Edition, Chairperson for DIT Japanimation Society, Serena Duffy explained that although this is one of the largest events ever hosted by DIT Societies, she is only too excited to greet the crowds.

“Really excited! We have been getting such a positive response from people planning to attend,” said Ms Duffy.

“The addition of a trade hall this year is exciting. We have 19 artists and 6 traders from around Ireland coming to fill up our market. I’m really happy to see external companies, like The Clockwork Door and Recreate, joining us on the day to run sponsored events too,” continued Duffy.

Last year, Shurikon had won the ‘Best Event’ category at the DIT Society Awards in Gleeson Hall. This allowed both DIT Japanimation and Game Society to enter the BICS Awards in Athlone for the national award and were highly commended for their work.

When asked about her prospects for the upcoming DIT Society Awards, and in turn the BICS national award, Serena expressed confidence in her and Shurikon’s chances at success.

“I hope this doesn’t jinx us but I do feel confident! We have been working on Shurikon 2018 since the moment Shurikon 2017 ended. Our event this year is twice as big with plenty of new events too. We literally have travelled around Ireland to promote it. Dublin, Galway, and Limerick have all been reached,” said Duffy.

However, regardless of the outcome Duffy explained that she is already proud of what she and her society set to accomplish.

“We hope to raise €1500 for ISPCC this year too. Even if we don’t reach BICS, we will be pretty proud of ourselves regardless,” said Duffy.

Shurikon tickets are still on sale and can be purchased through its Eventbrite link.

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