By Dan Grennan

Have you had enough of the expensive drinks, cover charges, rammed dancefloors and top 40 chart choons that cover the length of Harcourt street? If so here are a few alternative nights out that can freshen up your social life. Having done my time on Harcourt street in first year and gotten sick of it here are a few other places I have found since.


  1. Somewhere in the Workmans club. Personal favourite of mine, the Workmans club on the Quays offers up cheap drinks (4€ pints of heineken, 3 sol for 12€) and a fantastic variety of alternative tunes. Plus very sound bouncers! DJ Deece downstairs brings the best of disco, funk and soul while DJ Trev throws out alternative, rock and punk upstairs. I can say with quite a large degree of personal experience the Workmans club offers one of the best student nights in Dublin with a variety of tunes and affordable drinks. The smoking area is quiet enough for conversation which is nice. 5€ cover charge after 11 and free in before.
  2. Fibber McGees. One of the best boozers in town if you ask me. Great if your looking for a couple of pints and a few games of pool to chill out. The pints of Guinness are class and ya can’t go wrong with a 12.50 euro pitcher of fosters. One of the most eclectic venue/pub/clubs in town in terms of people and music. The focal point of the smoking area is a pool table that must be worth more than Michael O’Leary because the queue is always massive past 6 O’clock. The theme of the place is metal but don’t let that stop you. The people are really friendly and makes for a refreshing night out.    
  3. Yamamori Izakaya. Little Japanese sushi bar by day and basement techno bunker by night. On George’s Street right next door to the Globe. No cover charge with great japanese art and movie posters all over the place. Drink is expensive but it’s worth it just to experience the place. Always space to show off your moves and great DJs.
  4. Xicos. Fantastic mexican themed restaurant/nightclub with some crazy drinks. Shouts out to the bulldog!
  5. The Bowery, Rathmines. The Bowery is probably the most unique spots in town. Shaped like a boat made with wood from an old British navy ship combined with great live bands and Djs every weekend makes it a top spot for a night on the lash. Being a ship, it is naturally a rum bar with some delicious rum infusions (mango and chilli my personal favourite). I have to admit I am a bit biased on this having worked there but still a top notch venue and bar.
  6. Drop dead twice. Bring your own booze cocktail bar. You bring the spirits and the staff at drop dead twice will mix you custom cocktails. Brilliant craic and a great mixup from your standard pints and shorts.
  7. The Ruby sessions in Doyles. Lovely intimate acoustic gig every Tuesday. This night has been running for 16 years and has had some of the biggest names in music play there from James Blunt to glen Hansard.
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