By Ciara Brennan

DIT is closely affiliated with BIMM Music College, so it’s only natural that we pay some attention to the exciting work being produced by their many talented students.

Our resident BIMM expert, Ciara Brennan, has all the latest music releases for your auditory pleasure; she has also scoped some the upcoming gigs if you fancy trotting out for the evening; and finally, she spoke to the drummer of Chinese Newspaper, who are supporting Frank Carter at the end of the month.

Why not listen to what your fellow students are releasing?

  • *ONE TO WATCH* Le Boom – ‘Don’t Need it Now’. Released November 16th on Soundcloud (Nialler9).
  • Young Earth – ‘Frequency Illusion EP’. Released November 7th, available across all platforms.
  • Aoife Carton- ‘Wicked Words EP’. Released November 24th, available across all platforms.
  • Maria Kelly- ‘Hallow’. Released November 17th, available on Spotify.
  • Orchid Collective- ‘L.A.Z.Y.’. Released October 13th, available across all platforms.
  • Fontaines- ‘Hurricane Laughter’. Released September 26th, available across all platforms.
  • Search Party Animal- ‘Enemies’. Released July 21st (yonks ago but it’s a great song and the lads are brewing up more tasty tunes for us), available on Spotify.


Upcoming gigs

  • November 30th – Akora// Vernon Jane – the Workman’s Club. Doors 8pm. €5 entry.


  • November 30th – Christmas Appeal Gig with DIT Radio Soc and Live Music Soc. – The Grand Social. Doors 8pm. €5 entry.
  • December 1st-3rd – Eir Other Voices- Dingle Co.Kerry. A full weekend of music and entertainment with lots of current and former D.I.T. students performing. Free Entry.
  • December 2nd – Safari Single Launch – Whelan’s Upstairs Midnight Hour – Whelan’s. Free in before 10:30pm (Club fee applies after 10:30pm)


  • December 4th – Workman’s Takeover V – Presented by Ex Oh- the Workman’s Club. Doors 8pm. €5 entry.
  • December 7th – A Future Proof Christmas: Loah, Beach & Wastefellow – Bello Bar. Doors 8pm. € 11.16 entry (tickets sold on the event page)
  • December 13th–  Garage Gigs Special with The Felonies- The Button Factory. Doors 7pm. €10 entry (tickets sold on the event page)



Chinese Newspaper are a three-piece Garage Rock band from Navan, Co. Meath who have been making waves in the Irish music scene with their energetic live shows. I did a Q&A with their drummer Nathan Merriman, a second-year student in BIMM, about everything that the band has been up to.

  1. Best Chinese? That is classified
  2. Best Newspaper? Infowars
  3. Best Album of 2017? Remo Drive – Greatest Hits
  4. Best gig of 2017? I’m sure each of us would all say different things, but one gig that two of us attended together was Alex G in Whelan’s. Real mellow buzz, few pints of Guinness, was grand.
  5. How has 2017 been for Chinese Newspaper? Most definitely cannot complain, since the release of our latest single If Not Now Then When, which we released a music video for, we’ve gained more traction. We’ve recently hit 2K likes on our Facebook which is cool. Finally got around to putting our last EP on Spotify along with our single. Been dodging that for too long due to laziness to be honest. Started doing gigs for Aiken Promotions which is really sweet, so we honestly cannot complain about this year. Recently got a new bass player so that should add a different element to our sound which we’re really looking forward too.
  6. What has been your favourite gig you played this year? I would honestly have to say it was the gig where we filmed our music video. It was shot in Hanna’s Bar in Navan, which was the first place we ever gigged in 2013 many moons ago. So it was sweet to do the video there, it also really captured the drunken mess that night was. Sweet times.
  7. You guys are opening for Frank Carter & The Rattle Snakes November 28th, how did this come about? Well we’ve been working with a booking agent in Aiken Promotions for a while now and he gave us the shout for the show. Going be a total messy one.
  8. What does 2018 store for Chinese Newspaper? We’re going quiet after the few gigs we have coming up. Releasing a single set to be out for mid-January 2018, then doing a single launch party in February. It should be sweaty. Not announcing the venue/date until round then. Other than that, just going to keep recording, gigging away and just trying to push ourselves out as much as possible, and most importantly drink loads of pints.


Chinese Newspaper support Frank Carter in the Tivoli Theatre, Dublin, November 28th 2017 (tickets are sold out). Their E.P. ‘Spotless Mind’ and single ‘If Not Now Then When?’ are available on Spotify.

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